The reimbursement process has recently change to help with the overall management of church finances.

If you need to buy something on church’s behalf, here is what you need to do:

1. Get approval from the person delegated (Team Leader) to approve expenses for the ministry area, then
2. Buy the item keeping all receipts.
3. Complete the Anchor Church Reimbursement Form either using the online single receipt reimbursements or download the reimbursement spreadsheet for larger reimbursement requests (see links below).

Single Receipt Reimbursements

This is for one off reimbursements that only require a single receipt.

Single Receipt Reimbursement Form

Multiple Receipt Reimbursements

For multiple receipt reimbursements you will need to download the file below.
Please complete the form and send to

Please either add your receipts as attachments to your email when submitting to us or attach them within the spreadsheet.

Anchor Church Reimbursement Form

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